How Jeff’s Shelving Dilemma Became Big Bear Brackets

Single BracketWe are excited and proud to announce the launch of a new venture, Big Bear Shelving.  This product is the culmination of years spent in an effort to design, build and produce strong, durable shelving at an affordable price, and manufactured exclusively in the United States.  Below you will find more information regarding the product and our vision, as well as the company’s history and formation, which you can also view on our website

Garage Shelving Ideas Start With a Storage Problem

If the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” needed a poster child, Big Bear Shelving is the perfect candidate. The inventor of the Big Bear Shelving unit, Jeff Funderburk, conceptualized the bracket out of a basic need he encountered daily as a professional handyman – strong, efficient and affordable shelving units for various recreational and household belongings that could both utilize empty garage wall space and free up vital floor space.

Metal Storage Cabinets Didn’t Solve The Problem

Over the years he and his clients purchased just about every type of wall shelving and free-standing floor unit, all of which proved unsatisfactory or impractical from either a cost or utility perspective. More specifically, Jeff found that the commercially available wall shelving systems provided insufficient storage capacity and the floor shelving systems took up too much space – especially for anyone desiring to house their vehicles in the garage.  So Jeff bought some lumber at his local hardware store and set out to design and build a durable, custom shelving system to solve the problem.  The very first iteration of the bracket was actually made of lumber.  Through some basic trial and error Jeff determined that lumber was not going to be sufficient for the bracket to both support the additional shelving lumber but also hold the significant weight of what he needed to store.  Thus, the need for a stronger, more durable bracket material was born.

Shelving Brackets That Cost You Less Are Born

What Jeff created in 2012 was a product appropriately dubbed, “Big Bear Shelving.”  After several structure design revisions, extensive testing, multiple injection mold prototypes, and a host of different plastic/nylon/glass fusions, the final product you see above is the recipient of U.S. Letters (Utility) Patent No. 8,864,088.  It is a certified and proven garage organization system that will exceed the storage capacity (SF and weight) of any other product on the market at a fraction of the cost.

DIY Garage Shelves Anyone Can Build

A primary goal was to make this easy for the typical homeowner to build themselves and we believe we have achieved that as well. These homeowner friendly installation instructions can be found in both English and Spanish,  and this How To Video will make installation a snap for anyone. We invite you to share this great news with those on Facebook that might have a garage storage problem and from what we have seen, that includes many of our own family and friends. You can use these buttons below to share out to your favorite social media outlet and please leave your thoughts in the comments below.