Custom shelving ideas for WFNZ’s radio hosts – Chris Kroeger and Chris McClain

Shelving brackets for March Madness

It’s only fitting that during March Madness while everyone is filling out NCAA basketball tournament brackets, we were installing Big Bear Brackets for the two local prime time sports radio hosts for WFNZ The Fan, Chris Kroeger and Chris McClain.


A blank canvas for a custom garage installation


IMG_3456Chris Kroeger’s garage was a brand new build, giving us a blank canvas with which to work.  Although it was newly constructed, the design of this garage presented its own challenges. The breaker box was located in an ideal spot for shelving, so we had to make alternate plans to work around the box. Taken from the Big Bear playbook, configuration two  was ideal for this spot due to the fact that it allows for additional hanging space.  For more information on Chris’ Big Bear experience, check out his testimonial.
messChris McClain’s garage, on the other hand, looked like you would need help parking a toddler’s tricycle in it.  Here’s a picture of his garage before our installation team worked its magic:



Wooden shelves get a custom finish


tidy2 Chris opted for a “Canyon Brown” stain on his Big Bear Shelves, which offers a more refined finish for the lumber.  Don’t be fooled by this fancy stain – our brackets still provide the utmost strength and durability at a fraction of the cost.  Look closely and you will see that these shelves are holding: four deck chairs, three coolers, two kiddie bikes, and a partridge in a pear tree!  Practically speaking, we have tested the brackets to hold as much weight as garage wall studs can bear, and certify Big Bear Shelving up to 425 lbs.


Tidy 1With a plethora of hooks and attachments, we were able to give Chris his garage back. The shelves can be installed at a height at which the kids can easily access their bikes and toys (the height also makes for easy clean up!).  Chris’ testimonial illustrates just how beneficial Big Bear Shelving was to his family.